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We help businesses, governments and religious bodies take advantage of the available GSM in Nigeria to inform, notify, alert, interact, transact and share information.

Our reliable services enable you to send Short Messaging Solution (SMS) to hundreds of thousands of your customers, members and other individuals with the touch of a button. You may desire to schedule your message to be delivered at a later time. You also have the opportunity of sending SMS with a customized sender ID

Note: Avoid Using Number i.e (40411, 50003 , 54388)  as your sender ID .


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Please see a page of text message to All GSM networks in Nigeria  and unit charged below for better clarification.

GSM Networks                  Unit(s) of sms for a page of text message

Airtel                                                    1.8 Units

Etisalat                                                  1.7 Unit

Glo                                                       1.95 Units

MTN                                                     1.8 Units



Important Information

Please note the following:

-The Acceptable number formats are as follows 080..., 23480..., +23470...

Please do not use number without the leading zero or without the international country code (eg 8034521...). Message sent to number like this are sent to international numbers starting with 803... and will be charged accordingly.

-To send to multiple numbers, separate multiple numbers with comma "," eg (08032333312,234805849444) or one per line eg




Bank Payment Details

How to Make Payment

To buy SMS credits, make payment to any branch of the banks listed below. When making payment, please use your username or email address as the depositor, for your account can be credited immediately.You can also make mobile, internet banking or ATM transfer to our bank accounts. Call or SMS 08110772836 for support after Payment.

download (10)

ACCOUNT NAME: Touch Network Solution

BANK: Ecobank

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0048734171



Our Bulk SMS Price List

Nigeria Lowest Bulk SMS Prices Ever

We have the best prices for bulk SMS in Nigeria. Our prices decrease with increase in quantity purchased. 1 SMS message to Nigerian networks generally costs 1 SMS credit.

End Users

Quantity Range (Units)                               Price Per Unit (Naira)

250 ----- 999                                                         2.00


1000 ----- 4999                                                     1.50


5000 ----- 9999                                                     1.30


10000 ----- 49999                                                 1.25


50000 ----- 499999                                               1.20


500000 ----- 5000000                                            1.15