In Touch Network Solution we  trained on ICT Courses and prepare them on how to be on their Own .

Whether you are a new graduate or an established marketer who needs to up skill in digital, Touch Network has the best professional education programmes to support every stage of your marketing career.

List of Our Course are listed Below:

Online Digital Marketing

CCTV Surveillance Installation

Website Development

Online Digital Marketing

Become a Digital Marketing Expert in 2 Days

This digital marketing course is designed and delivered by leading digital marketing strategists who work on some top brands, planning and delivering digital marketing campaigns on a daily basis. They will share their real life case studies and firsthand experience in Digital Marketing with you during lectures. This means you will learn up-to-date techniques with a certain level of authority from expert that know what they are talking about - All sessions are 90% practical and 10% theory.

Guaranteed Success

★ We will give you access to training videos and resources allowing you to learn and refresh your knowledge at a time and pace that suits you.

★ You will also have access to our learning support team to guide you after the course as you implement what you have learnt, giving you the support you'll need to achieve your potential.

★ You will be added to our recruitment database, where we share exclusive job opportunities with some of the biggest companies in Nigeria.

★ We will give you a step-by-step guide to getting your dream digital marketing job through LinkedIn.

★ If you will like to start a digital marketing agency, we have something for you as well, an eBook that shows you how to start, manage and grow a successful digital marketing agency.