Solar and Inverter Systems

Touch Network Solution specializes in installing solar and inverter systems on new homes as well as existing buildings, known as retrofitting. Retrofitting a building with a solar system is a great way for building owners to save money on utility costs and to minimize stress associated with incessant power outages.

Some of the leading Solar Expert Companies in the world, are our technical partners, they specialized in the provision of innovative Solar Panel solutions to meet the needs of our various Clients.

Our services Include:

  • Inverter and battery backup system installation
  • Online inverter systems
  • Hybrid solar system installation
  • Island Solar and inverter systems installation (No Gen, No NEPA)
  • Automatic load management system (no need to switch some loads off manually - System auto prioritise loads)
  • Remote monitoring of solar and inverter Systems
  • Maintenance

***We have successfully installed over 200 systems

1KVA Intelligent Inverter  / 200amps battery /12v

download (3)

This is suitable for A room Self / Mini Flat

1 KVA M|Power Inverter /12v


This is suitable for A room Self / Mini Flat

1VA Luminous Inverter /12V

images (3)

This is suitable for A room Self / Mini Flat


2.4VA Mecury Inverter /24v

download (2)

This is suitable for Office/commercial/2 bed room/3 bed room


1.5KVA M|Power Inverter / 24v


This is suitable for Office/Commercial/2 Bed Room/ 3 Bed Room

1.4KVA Luminous Inverter / 24v


This is suitable for Office / Commercial/ 2 Bed Room / 3 Bed Room